We deliver next generation client engagement and advice solutions

With over 25 years working in advice and technology, we understand the compliance and automation issues hindering the growth of small and medium AFSLs.

We help self licensed financial planners scale faster


Would you like to utilise a proven XPLAN framework that will help you scale and automate your advice faster without all the workarounds and rework you might be experiencing now?

Planfocus has a passion for helping self-licensed practices like you create a customised advice experience for your clients the way you’ve always imagined it should be!


Do you need help with any of these?

✔️ Having a repeatable and robust advice production process

✔️ Freeing up more time to spend with clients

✔️ Increasing profit

✔️ Faster advice document turnaround

✔️ Better and more reliable paraplanning services

✔️ Higher quality client data


Want to know more?

We work exclusively with self-licensed practice / owners on better use of their advice tech so they can successfully scale their business and do more of what they love. The Planfocus advice framework has been supporting Australian AFSL holders for nearly 10 years and has been proven to decrease advice production timeframes by at least 50% when compared to manual methods.

Our goal is to provide you with the expertise and resources to allow you to grow and scale your business by fully utilising every aspect of the technology available to you.

Our team have been working with advisers and their technology for more than 25 years so we understand the pain of growing an advice business as a self-licensed practice.

Having the right tools and systems to follow is one of the major things that separate the most successful practices from the ones that struggle.

Financial planners are great with advice, but they struggle with creating the right systems for scale, and fully utilising the right technology and resources for their team to be successful.

Advice practices that use our framework are improving their profitability and scaling at a faster and steady rate while spending more time working in the areas they love.

If you’re still reading, then maybe we have your attention.

Connect with us today to learn how we can improve the automation of your advice and give you back time to think more about your clients, and less about XPLAN. Let's get started !




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Dash Technology Group

DASH plays an important role in Planfocus’ Advice CTO fintech ecosystem. DASH Technology Group (DASH) is a software and consulting provider to the financial planning industry. Its flagship product is a simplified and centralised technology platform for financial service businesses. The platform features an Advice Marketplace where advisers have the flexibility to select from best-of-breed, independent technology solutions which are deeply integrated. With core functionalities including CRM, file notes and document generation, it offers a subscription based fee model providing financial service businesses of all sizes with a flexible technology solution.

Corbel Technologies

For large technology and integration projects, Planfocus partners with Corbel to provide application integration services that help clients streamline the flow of data and information between technology systems. In addition, through our Advice CTO Service they provide IT strategy planning support. Corbel is an experienced, Australian based team operating out of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne offices.

Finura Group

Finura provide technical content for our advice systems and templates. This includes SoA strategy content as well as educational flyers.

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