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If you are a newly self licensed practice, you might be asking yourself if it’s worth engaging an XPLAN consultant to help you build out your advice framework or if you should look to do it on your own?

An XPLAN consultant can work with you to design a framework that:

  • Follows your internal business processes
  • Makes the most of XPLAN’s functionality
  • Lowers the cost of running your business

and importantly,

  • Professionally positions your advice to your clients, and
  • Uniquely expresses your advice vision

Planfocus enjoys a growing footprint in the XPLAN consulting landscape. With licensee clients all over Australia, we take on all the hard work so that you don’t have to worry about it….and it just works.

Importantly, working with Planfocus ensures your framework is based on practice standards that are tried, tested and proven to work.

Our flagship solution, Composer advice wizard, is a comprehensive, multi-entity SoA/RoA and risk only advice wizard with more than two and half man years behind it in design (and we haven’t stopped). Composer integrates with all of XPLANs modelling modules and follows XPLAN’s latest developments and improvements. With a growing strategy library of more than 126 strategy fragments, you can be up and delivering stunning advice in less than a week.

Use Composer as is or customise it to suit any advice specialty.

Contact Planfocus for a demonstration today on 1300 361 973.

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